Polly Clements

Dedicated, committed, motivated and passionate about everything we do, we have a great team of highly skilled and experienced individuals.

Architectural Assistant

Polly has joined the practice as a Masters graduate of Manchester School of Architecture.

Her previous experience includes work within the Healthcare sector on private schemes with a design brief for a functional and clean hospital environment with five-star standard accommodation. She has also gained experience working on Residential and Educational schemes, at bid stage as well as gaining experience in later technical stages.  Her work was recognised in practice for her understanding of ecological building design, which led her to take on a client-facing role in a sustainability consultancy. She has carried this interest in sustainable architecture into her postgraduate studies, where she designed a remote and bioclimatic hotel as a thesis. She enjoyed the opportunityto work with a team of contractors in Southern California, where she assisted in co-ordinating the delivery of low-income housing developments in desert towns near LA.

Polly has a passion for creating good housing that is accessible to all, and that is economically and environmentally sustainable.

In her spare time Polly enjoys watching films, painting, going to music events and travelling.



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