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Are you ready for PAS2035 and PAS 2030

MHA Architects Director, Paul Chadwick is a qualified Level 5 Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management assessor. Here is his helpful guide with some key considerations for retrofitting.

Are you ready?

Since June 2021 it has been mandatory for all companies installing energy efficiency measures, including domestic retrofit, to comply with PAS 2035 and PAS 2030. Previous attempts to deliver retrofit measures were seen as a failure, predominantly due to a haphazard approach with no comprehensive standards to follow. In response, the UK government commissioned the ‘Each Home Counts’ review that identified 27 recommendations, including the founding of a universally recognised quality standard known as TrustMark.

Existing housing stock poses a serious threat to the UK’s net zero carbon ambitions, so mass scale retrofit of the built estate is imperative if the UK is to meet its targets. The Government aims to ensure the UK’s most fuel-poor homes are improved to achieve an EPC rating of C or above before 2030.

What is PAS 2035 retrofit?

The Each Home Counts review called for the establishment of an industry-wide Code of Practice, which resulted in the publication of the PAS 2035 documentation. PAS 2035 is a set of standards required for the installation of new measures when upgrading a property. These measures are directed towards energy efficiency and sustainability, which is the primary focus of the UK Government in order to hit its net zero emissions target by 2050.

One of the key requirements of PAS 2035 is the introduction of a number of qualified consultants to the project, namely: a Retrofit Advisor, Retrofit Assessor, Retrofit Coordinator, Retrofit Designer and Retrofit Evaluator as well as suitably qualified Retrofit Installers.

What is PAS 2030?

PAS 2030 is a certification available to installers of retrofit measures to demonstrate compliance of their installations. All retrofit installers who wish to install one or more of the specified energy efficiency measures, under publicly funded schemes such as ECO and the Green Homes Grant, must be PAS 2030 accredited to access these schemes.

MHA Architects has been delivering refurbishment and conversion projects for almost 50 years. As part of its ongoing commitment to keep abreast of advancing industry standards, we have invested in the latest training and best practice initiatives and are able to offer all consultant services required under PAS 2035, in-house. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to deliver integrated net zero solutions into your schemes and support your carbon-reduction strategy.

If you would like to discuss your retrofit plans or require any further information or assistance, please get in touch with


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Written By Paul Chadwick