Fulstone Mews Stockport

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We are MHA Architects

This scheme included the demolition of the existing sheltered housing and replacement with 20 new build general needs housing.

The existing accommodation did not meet current spatial standards or provide facilities to suit the intended resident demographic of older people (55 years and upwards) with varying degrees of mobility.  Visual appearance has been carefully considered with particular reference to Stockport MBC’s Supplementary Planning Guidelines.

The team used traditional materials to match the existing buildings in order to preserve the character of the area. Some variation to the front facades was incorporated with the use of a complementary brick colour to the first floor. The roofs were tiled with a similar colour and texture to the surrounding buildings in order to preserve the character of the area. 

The team worked within the budget through simple design elements and the use of a modest palette of materials designed to deliver a crisp appearance with targeted areas of embellished detail to add emphasis.