York and Scarborough NHS Trust

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We are MHA Architects

MHA Architects were appointed under the NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) framework agreement for Construction Consultancy Services to deliver Point Cloud Laser Scanning of York and Scarborough NHS Trust’s existing built estate.  


Collaborating with sub-consultants, BIMBox, the Team created a practical cloud-based digital environment, empowering the Trust with streamlined navigation, effective engagement and secure data storage for their existing infrastructure, ensuring long-term usability.


At the beginning of the programme, MHA and BIMBox worked closely with the Trust through strategic workshops to determine their objectives and recommend the optimal solution on their journey towards creating a digital twin of the estate. The team established that the use of Revit models was not the most efficient route and suggested an alternative solution using Sitedesk to navigate and host the Point Cloud models. Associated room data was used, meeting the Trust’s needs for the fast set-up and use of information.


In close alignment with the Trust's objectives, the Team delivered Reality Capture services, including a detailed point cloud scanning covering both external and internal areas of five hospitals within the Trust, including York District Hospital and Scarborough Hospital. This extended to the careful anonymisations of sensitive information during data registration, adhering to the Trust's security measures. Comprehensive DWG drawings were produced in 2D and 3D Revit formats. These drawings were not just outputs but instrumental in meeting the Trust's need to provide ERIC data and enhance their grasp of spatial requirements.


BIMBox's involvement extended beyond the technical aspects. A holistic approach was adopted, which included providing essential training sessions. These sessions enabled the Trust's team to confidently navigate, maintain and manage the newly implemented solution, facilitating a seamless transition into a more efficient and sustainable future.


The collaboration between MHA Architects, BIMBox and the Trust demonstrates how expertise, insight, and dedication can combine to add value to an NHS Trust and deliver a new and enhanced estate management.


Director, Jimmy Lennon, said “our strategic partnership with BIMBox has provided an innovative and valuable service to the Trust. They are now in possession of an up to date and technologically advanced set of scans and drawings of the various hospitals within their Estate which can be used for planned and unplanned maintenance and future development. This project has delivered numerous benefits and we are keen to roll it out to other Trusts.”